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Services Offered


Counseling involves working with individuals who are struggling in certain areas in life, and wanting to find clarity and independently develop action steps to move forward. This service involves creating a goal-oriented treatment plan.


Psychotherapy involves numerous interventions and theories (such as Trauma Informed, Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, etc.) that can help provide context and meaning for individuals struggling with identifying behaviors, habits, and patterns. This method of practice involves talk therapy. This service involves creating a goal-oriented treatment plan.

Coaching, Consultation, Education and Contracted Services

Consultation and education involves working with individuals or organizations and assisting them with projects or education on given topics, such as racism, sexuality, career preparation, starting a business, substance use, culturally attuned care, and additional training and contracted needs.

My Approach

I have a BA in Sociology (2013, Augsburg College), a MA in Social Work (2020, Augsburg University), and a Graduate Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Counseling (2021, Metro State University). Additionally, I  am a board approved LICSW (Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker) with the state of Minnesota. This licensure means that I am able to provide clinical and therapeutic services to individuals, families, and groups. I am also a board approved LADC (Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counseling) with the state of Minnesota. This licensure means that I will be able to understand and diagnose complex mental health and substance use disorders, utilize specific assessments, and provide recommendations for treatment (residential and outpatient) or other related programming.

I use a combination of many approaches. Relationship building with the individuals I work with is key in best assessing, engaging, and supporting them during their sessions. I believe that everyone I encounter in life is an expert of their own story, and my work with individuals involves assisting them in bringing forth more clarity, insight, and additional perspectives about difficult situations. I am social justice oriented and believe in discussing and raising awareness to the complexities that identifying as LGBT or BIPOC can have on an individual's life. I build upon my relationships through being authentic, honest, and holding space for radical acceptance and mutual accountability. 

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My Approach
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